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Egg Farm to Provide Income

Pastor Salazar & WifePastor Michael Salazar has been a church planter for over 3 years. He has chosen to stay in Mangatarem, Pangasinan, Philippines, and continue to minister to the people in the church he planted over 3 years ago. It is truly a labor of love!

Chicken Farming - smallPastor Salazar has a problem that many in the Philippines have. No income comes in on a regular basis. That has not stopped him from continuing to minister to the needs of people. He continues to faithfully serve the Lord while serving his congregation. He has come up with a business plan that will allow him to continue to minister to people’s needs while at the same time providing for his family. He plans to raise chickens and run an egg farm. He will sell his eggs in the market and it will provide much needed funds for his family.

Pastor Salazar has a wife and a child and has been planting churches in the Mangatarem area. He has planted a small church in Naguilyan West, where a number of people have accepted Christ, and they now meet on a regular basis. He wants to grow this church as well as the main church, Mangatarem Faith Baptist Church in Mangatarem, Philippines.

The F.L.O.R. Project will be funding the loan for the start up of the egg farming operation. The business will then pay back the funds to the local church in Philippines and the money will be used to fund other loans in the future. Click the donate button today to help us keep this project moving forward!

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